Thursday, November 12, 2009

Home Buying Tips

Hopefully we will soon be proud homeowners. We are looking forward to our move to Jacksonville, and a very welcoming real-estate market. I have a great family who has of good knowledge to share about the process and specifics about the Florida markets, and I do feel much more informed and mentally prepared to start this process. It is still very overwhelming. If the husband were around I would probably not be such a worry wart, but he will be home soon enough!

I have been very busy looking at online listings, and making lists of building features, and other dream items for our first home. I would love to hear real life lessons about that home purchase, and shoulda - woulda- coulda's. Please share your lessons learned!


  1. If you are interested in a house and there is no other offer on the table but the seller is still being difficult (for example you are trading counter offers and they won't let you choose the color of something they are replacing, or you agree on something but they do something else) back out of the sale. Chances are that any things that happen during the negotiating process that may cut cost corners can point to other corners that may have been cut in the past with maintaining the house.

    Hopefully you can learn from me getting burned with my current house!

  2. I HIGHLY recommend home warranties, they are DEFINITELY worth the price. Also, if your marriage is slightly adventurous, don't be afraid to pick a house that is ALMOST everything you want, and then paint a few walls, or add a garage, or change out a few light fixtures....these things really are easier than they seem! :) Feel free to ask me if you have any questions on the difficulty level of any particular project! (Chris and I gutted and remodeled our house in SC)!

  3. I was at the Jacksonville base for the last two years of me being in the military. I hope you two have fun there. I always loved the weather.


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