Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cinnabon Update

We went to King of Prussia Mall with two goals...one being the hunt for a gift, the second being the Cinnabon mission. We got to the mall, and went to the directory. There was no Cinnabon listed. I was terribly disappointed. I couldn't understand how the online (Cinnabon website) listing could be wrong. But it simply wasn't there. We tried calling the number and there was no answer.

After asking the very nice gentleman in the Sony Style store if the cinnabons had ever been here, he told me they were still here. I was perplexed. He gave us directions to the other side of the mall, and told me that I would be able to smell it. Sure enough, we walked, and we could smell. It was delicious. The wonderful husband that I have told me that we could still stop at Vince Lombardi and pick up the box to go when we drive by again!

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