Monday, December 28, 2009

The Quest for Cinnabon....

I have been craving a cinnabon for a while now. This was originally satisfied very briefly with  Grands Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls w/ Cinnabon Icing, but only with the knowledge that a drive by the Vince Lombardi service station on I-95 would have Cinnabons waiting for me. This plan went to the dogs when we opted for the Tappan Zee Bridge instead of the George Washington Bridge from New York to New Jersey. When we finally made it back to I95 we were well passed the Vince Lombardi. I am sure there were other stops on the NJ Turnpike that was host to a Cinnabon, but it was not the one we stopped at for gas on Monday night, and there certainly were not going to be any other stops before we arrived at our destination.

Tuesday was the day we planned to finish our Christmas shopping. We chose the mall that I remembered hosting a Cinnabon. Though it was no longer present at the Willow Grove Mall in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.

Cinnamon rolls are deeply ingrained in my holiday traditions. When I was younger, the family would always sit down for a good holiday movie on Christmas Eve, with an assortment of holiday treats. This assortment always included cinnamon rolls with yummy icing. In recent years we have always picked up a Cinnabon on the way down to his parents house.

On Saturday we trekked down to Baltimore to see David, Becca, and Lucy. We did see a service station that contained the very elusive, warm, and sticky Cinnabon, but we had no plans to stop. We were also on our way to a very yummy Carraba's dinner, so we drove passed. With the traffic (averaging about 30mph) had to drive by many signs very, very slowly.

Today we will venture out again. These our the three closest options.

Plaza @ King of Prussia
160 N. Gulph Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406

Gallery Satellite
9th & Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 928-0838 
Gallery @ Market East
1101 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 592-8551

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