Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Deeeaaar Santa...

Deeeaaar Santa...

(In the spirit of the wonderful contest over at the Jolly Jabber)

I know that I have lots of "plans" for what I want to do with the fabric I have. But I truly just love looking at all the beautiful things in my sewing room, whether they stitched, or in lovely little bundles waiting to be stitched.

I know my husband does not want me buying more quilty things, but if they are brought by Santa, that is okay!

I would like the Eva Layer cake (Yardage for borders and backing would be well loved also.)

Some other things you can stuff in my stocking....

Fresh Vintage Issue #12 Quilt Pattern
Fresh Vintage Issue #13 Quilt PatternFig Tree Quilts
Good Fortune Schnibbles Charm Pack Pattern

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