Friday, January 01, 2010

Scruffily Quilt Finished

 This one came together very quickly, and I love the frayed edges. I used some of the leftover jelly roll strips for the binding. I have alot of jelly roll strips left, so I think I might try a little bag...hmm. I promised Drew only little projects this month, so hopefull I can start and finish everything to minimize the confusion after we move.

I wasn't really counting, and I ended up with six extra layer cake squares. (I guess this means the Simple Abundance Layer cake has 42 squares.)

The green layer cake square in the middle has my fantastic little sweetwater label. I managed to use all my 2009 labels. I plan to get more 2010 labels, but probably after the move.


  1. i LOVE this one!!!

    please consider adding these pics to my flickr sew & tell group.


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