Friday, January 01, 2010

Schnibbles Excuses

I didn't finish Schnibbles this month either, however, I do plan to complete both November and December. My November priorities were more focused on the end of the deployment, and the Picnic Schnibble did not call to me as loudly as the others had. During December, I had so many projects that I wanted to finish, and we left for the last half of the month for vacation, so alas, no tuffets either.

I found the greatest little shop in Pennsylvania, and found a cute little Picnic kit. It spoke to me, and I cannot wait to get started. I am going to finish my tuffets also. So my goal for January is to finish Picnic, Tuffets, and Madeline.

I am amazed by all the others that have been completed, and it is fun to see everyone's unique insight into the pattern! I am excited to try the Madeline pattern. I don't think I will do it in Red. I have some Authentic charm packs that would look great in this pattern.

Update: I joined the Charming Girls Quilt Club, so this will be my encouragement for finishing the extra schnibbles!


  1. Alicia -
    Those look like great projects! You're have to show me when you're done. I'm also jealous. Having a 1 year old attached to my leg all day doesn't allow me to get crafty much anymore :)
    Happy New Year!

  2. Great projects -- can't wait to see them all finished up! These Schnibbles are too fun, aren't they??


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