Monday, January 04, 2010

Too many months without the men folk....

means that I have to have a different frame of mind when I call one of my girlfriends on the phone. For so long, when I would call them, of course there is a female voice on the other end. The boat has been home a month now, but subtract the vacation weeks, I have only been making these phone calls for a few weeks. It totally throws me for a loops when a male voice answers. I have a momentary pause....who did I call, and who is this answering the phone? For my wonderful San Juan friends, I will try to remember that your husbands are home now, and have every right to answer their telephone.


  1. hahaha! Such is the life of a submariner's wife.

  2. I can totally relate...I went to a few people's houses in Dec to pick up items or drop things off and their hubbies were strange to talk to my girlfriends' husbands, whom I'd mostly not met before! LOL!


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