Sunday, January 03, 2010

To Do List for today!

Take Down Christmas Tree and Holiday Decorations
Put Christmas Bins in Garage
Pick up pictures from Walgreens (Do we think they are still there?)
Clean out car from trip
Clean clothes away
Wash, dry, and fold at least two loads
Prepare house for cleaning tomorrow

Can I do it? I suppose the only reason I put my to do list here is more incentive to finish.
I got started on my picnic schnibble, and it is looking quite lovely in fact. The kit I am using is dandelion girl from fig tree quilts. And though I never thought to use a non white-ish (or any non solid for that matter) color for a background, the kit came with what looks like a coffee stained tablecloth, and I rather like it. I am not going to work on it until I finish all my other items.

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