Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Oregon 163

So I am actually making good headway on this one. I have about 10 of the blocks done. Assembly required!

Oregon 157

So this is a fabulous little quilt from Quilt Taffy. It is the Love U by deb Strain. I do have a tenative plan for when this does get finished. I am about halfway throught the cutting process!

Oregon 158

This is cut and ready to sew the first five blocks of the Pinwheel Quilt-A-Long over at Yes, it is more Neptune fabric. But I love this line. It is awesome. I purchased enought so I could make navy related quilts for all my fantastic navy friends (this seems to be slow going)!

Oregon 162

This is March Schnibbles. I hope I can finish this one so I can be in the parade of schnibbles. Yes, I know there are two blocks that have the same three bars. Somehow this was acheived randomly. I don't get it. I am not taking them out though. I will just have to make sure to stick them at opposite corners.

Oregon 161

Oregon 159

This is my problem. I was doing great last night, when the foot pedal cord fell out of the machine. This has been an ongoing problem since before the move. The pegs that plug in had gotten a little loose. The husband made a great fix, and it left me with a few weeks of uninterrupted sewing, but that fix has now come back to bite me in the behind. Seems after 59 years of wedded bliss, these two are no longer *ahem* compatible. As you can see one of those little metal conductors has broken right off the cord, and has lodged itself inside the outlet. we must get that metal thing out of the outlet and somehow acquire a new foot pedeal cord.

Yikes, what am I to many projects to finish!

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