Thursday, April 01, 2010

Family Seniority

The husband and I have taken to regular walks lately (and serves double purpose since the dog likes regular walks as well). This is one of the fantastic advantages to shore duty. He comes home every night, and we can plan regular, boring, but wonderful things. We have the most wonderful conversations on these walks, and remind me of the great connection we still have together. We used to have these types of conversations on our regular trips to Orlando (from Melbourne). We would drive to Orlando to take in one of the many tourist attractions, or to eat at a fantastic restaurant or just because Melbourne, was Melboring!

On a recent walk, he was telling me that someday when we have children five or six years old and they are doing something less desireable that five or six year olds do....we can remind that child (100% joking) that dog has seniority, and since the dog eats his dinner without complaining, obeys, and goes to his bed when told that if someone has to go seniority counts! I am sure by that time I will forget the family seniority conversation, but I would love to see the look (for about a second and a half) on that child's face when you tell them that the dog has been around longer...

On another note, I love the Mack-Noodle, and I know that someday when we have kids around, that he is going to be a wonderful companion for them growing up. I am so happy that we found the right dog at the right time!


  1. That is sooooo funny:) hahahaha

  2. What a crack up! Thats the sort of jokes my fella comes up with to torment the kids!


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