Saturday, April 03, 2010

More census talk....

I gave up on the census being delivered to my house. Perhaps because my DL still has a different Florida adderss, or perhaps because my house is so new that some maps don't even know it exists yet. I found census forms at my local library, and it now been appropriately filled out and mailed back.

If you haven't done it yet, GO DO it! I don't know how the census results will appear in 2082, but the husband and I were discussing who from our descendants would possibly discover it.... If we have some munchkins (I will call them G2) in the next five years they would be in their thirties by 2040, possibly with their own munchkins (G3) who would be about 30 in 2060. Now G3 would be in their fifties by the time this census is released (I will have already kicked the bucket.) and maybe just becoming grandparents themselves. I would hope that in their time of waiting to be grandparents they would be anxiously discovering all the wonderful lives of those before them. (This is rather confusing, because I am talking about the past of the people in the future.)

So anyway...have you filled out your census? Go to your local library fill it out and put it in the mail. Then head to over to the library computer for access to their genealogy resources. If you go home and sign up for the free trial, you get two weeks to salivate on all the wonderful things you can find.

If anyone wants help with their family tree, just ask! I would love to help. The first and easiest thing you can do is to talk to your parents. Ask them about their parents' names (maiden names are so important, don't let them be lost), where they were born, birthdays, ask them about their grandparents' names, places of birth, birthday's etc. Ask them about brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles. Then plug it into your family tree. (You will see "the leaf.") And a whole new world is there waiting to be discovered.

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