Monday, April 19, 2010

I am officially a TV critic!

This weekend the husband and I went back to Universal Studios (second trip in two weeks). As we were leaving Islands of Adventure, we noticed an obsucre little sign about reviewing tv shows, and a woman with a clipboard, we asked what this was about, and she told us that NBC (NBC and Universal are owned together) is looking for people to review a possible new show. We fit their desired marketing objectives, and we were shown inside to a small room with alot of "tv watching" stations. I got to sit in a very comfortable chair with a "chair diaper" aka plastic sheet (to protect the chair from my "water ride" clothes).

I put the headphones on and I started to watch the newest NBC comedies. Drew was also watching, but at his own separate station. He later informed me that the cast were mostly Reno 911 cast members. While watching the show, I was given a "Like" button, a "don't like" button, and a "tune out" button. I was instructed to use the tune out button anytime that I thought I would turn off the tv or change the channel, and of course the like and don't like buttons as appropriate.

At the end of the show we were asked many questions about the different characters, the different story lines, and the scenarios that were set up. The questions were relating to like/dislike, relatability, humor, etc.

Of course, we also answered many questions about our tv watching habits, including the shows that we watched regularly and more questions about our demographics. I was even asked to participate in an additional survey! (This is probably because I wrote a paragraph for all my open ended questions.)

It was a fantastic experience, and to top it off, they paid us each $10 to do it!

I am looking forward to the new fall lineup to see if this show made the cut, and if they took any of my advice. Anybody done anything like this before?

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