Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Picnic Schnibble (November)

This is the November Schnibble project. Yes, I realize it is April, but I have an excuse....November was very busy month for me. I will admit it. I was afraid of this one (and it took me long enough to finish it), but I was afraid of the two before this one as well. The schnibbles project was my way of forcing myself to try new techniques. As my sewing skills and pattern kahoneys are still rather green....I am still a little hesitant to try some of these techniques. I wasn't really in love with this pattern, but I bought the kit, and I wasn't really in love with the kit either, so it kind of got put off to the side for some other projects that needed finishing. Then as usual, life got in the way and I never really felt the urge to go start it.

Then, miraculously, I found a gorgeous little Picnic kit in a little quilt shop outside of Philly (near the in-laws). The quilt was a great grouping of Fig Tree prints. I don't know what line it is, but I recognized it was fig tree.

November Schnibbles - Picnic


  1. That looks like it may be Fig and Plum? Whatever it is, it's very pretty!

  2. All of your quilt pieces are so pretty! You are very talented. :)

  3. Looks great! Love the bright colors!

  4. This is a tough on...a lot of squaring up of little squares! Nice job, the colors are great!


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