Sunday, April 04, 2010


Thank you to the wondeful timing of shore duty, and a great location we were able to buy a house this year and take advantage of the fantastic tax credit for first time home buyers. Even without that, and despite this administrations annoying dallying with the tax protocol we are still getting a refund.

We have to file by mail this year because of above mentioned tax credit, but thankfully taxes are done and ready to go in the mail. Hopefully we get our refund soon!

Responsible plans for tax refund... off credit card off car loans off student loans extra on mortgage

Wishes possibly granted by tax refund... tv (that would be the husband)
....patio furniture

What are your plans?

PS. Tax records are also a great genealogical tool!


  1. Alicia-
    Thanks for your nice blog comment. I really enjoyed seeing your quilting projects, the March schnibble is so cute! I bought some Patisserie fabric to make one of the Fig Tree patterns, plus I joined the Fig Tree club thing so I have a kit for Cobblestones pattern using Mill House fabric.
    Take care, and I hope you get a good return! We are about to buy a house just in time for the tax credit too!

  2. SO glad you found my blog! Your projects look lovely! Our tax refund is going to a vacation for just me and the husband this year. First vaca with just the two of us with only us...since our honeymoon over 6 years ago!


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