Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Best Christmas Movie Ever

The husband and I discovered that this movie was not present in our movie collection, so we got it this weekend, and watched it last night. We were surprised to see that Johnny Galecki was in this movie. I have seen this move a hundred times, but never really noticed him. We have been watching The Big Bang Theory recently, so it was interesting to see Galecki SO FREAKING YOUNG in the Vacation role. As we have also recently gone through the entire Everybody Loves Raymond series, we also noticed the wonderful and magnificent Doris Roberts.

It doesn't matter how many times I watch it, I cannot help but cracking up!

My next all around favorite is "While you were sleeping" with Sandra Bullock. She is just so goofy, and she is just so lovable! I was recently trying to tell the husband that this is a Christmas movie, since it centers around the Christmas Holiday. The husband says the requirement for anything to be "labeled" as a Christmas movie is the the "presence of a mystical being" or something ridiculous like that. WYWS doesn't count, according to him, since there is no Santa Clause.

And, last but not least, my favorite version of a Christmas Carol is the Muppet Christmas Carol. Who doesn't love Kermit?

What is your favorite Christmas movie, and/or favorite version of a Christmas Carol?


  1. Christmas Vacation...by far, the BEST Christmas movie of all time!!

  2. That's too funny...we bought that last year and noticed the same YOUNGER people in there too! I pulled Christmas Vacation and Family Man out a few weeks ago in prep for Christmas viewing ;)

  3. A few years ago, I went looking for NL Christmas Vacation as a present for my hubby and ended up getting it in a 3-pack with Elf and The Christmas Story. Apparently everyone else was looking for it that year too! We have watched it every year since.
    On Thanksgiving weekend, I crack open my Muppet Christmas Carol dvd. Always starts the season off for me. This year (haven't watched it yet), I'll get to share it with my little guy.

  4. Melody??? WHERE IS YOUR BLOG? I get to keep up with the Roth family via oodles of pictures and the dinner menu? Bryce deserves his own little section fo cyberspace too!

  5. I know I know - I'm behind in the world of The Internet. Right now we only subscribe to email. Someday we'll join in the rest of the fun :)

  6. I agree on the While you were sleeping thing. She is adorable. Also, I think The Polar Express is one of my tops. I have so many.


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