Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Warning: This Blogger is not a decorating aficianado

Christmas Tree UP!

Yay for Christmas Trees! Last year we opted to get a fake super amazing tree that doesn't need water! I never remember to water. This tree looked amazing (and big) last year in our super tiny(old old navy housing) dwelling. This year, with the wonderfully tall ceilings, the tree looks mighty small.

On another note, every other day of the year, I am so very thankful that we don't have windows (downstairs) in the front of our house. This is especially nice when you have a dog that likes to gaze out the window waiting for things to bark at. All the windows for our house (and every other house) are on the side, and only ONE side. (Do not worry, I have a many beautiful windows at the back of my house for lots of natural light).  I have two side of house windows in my dining room, and because of fence placement outside of the house, one window is "inside" the fence, and one window is "outside" the fence. This Christmas tree is conspicuously placed in the "outside" window, and looks marvelous from the outside. Yay for sharing holiday happiness!

Presents have yet to migrate to their designated location, but I will be happy to share my address with anyone who would like to add something to this photo. We have barely begun our Christmas shopping this year. Though, we have good ideas of what everyone is getting. The husband wants video games !?! What to do about that? I have mostly requested some quilty books this year, and I tried to explain to the husband that the beautiful custom bundles form Fabric Worm would look beatiful under the tree, no wrapping required.....

Do you think if I put a "job" on my Santa List year that Santa has any pull with that?

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