Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Finish of 2011

"Under the Sea"

So this I started New Years Day. It is my first start and first finish of the new year. It has actually been in the thought stage for a while. Comes from the "Double Dip" pattern from ThimbleBlossoms. The recipient is one is one of the husbands' colleagues. (Now that he is on shore duty, he actually works with GIRLS!) She is moving away before the baby is born but hopefully she will send me a picture when the baby gets here!

Holiday 2010 009
Probably my biggest challenge was making it girly enough for a girl but with enough blue that dad will still like it if a boy happens to appear. I know that is technically called gender neutral, but I gender neutral usually means green, yellow and orange, and totally impersonal. None of those are fun....

As I wasn't too sure of her color preferences, and I gave the husband a couple options of what he thought she would like. He chose the Momo. He later informed me he had no idea what she would like, but the MOMO Odyssea was his favorite. Luckily she loved it too. A last minute hesitation on my part, I actually sent her the swatch card for Odyssea to make sure she liked it. I had a back up gift just in case. The last thing you want to do is spend hours working on something and then find out your recipient isn't fan of the color palette.

I backed it with the "fish" from the same line. It has been stippled, and I just love the crinkly look. and added my own personalized label (Made at Spoonflower).


  1. Oh Alicia! I love this quilt! I will want to make one like this for my Andrew...unless you want to make it for him :)
    P.S. I'm making some more pumpkin cookies tomorrow and was thinking of sending a care package your be on the look out for a box from Oregon!


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