Thursday, January 20, 2011

One realm where I can be "Stylish" - A little more about me....

1.  I am so excited about genealogy. I am so proud to tell you that I am a Daughter of the American Revolution (it is almost official), and a descendant of Civil War veterans on both the North and South. I hate it when people pass on their genealogy stories without actually KNOWING if they are true, and and whether your descended from farmers or philosophers, its so exciting to KNOW. I love to help others with this quest, so just ask!

2. See #1, I plan to name all my children with names from the family tree. I think it will be a wonderful gift to give my future children, the knowlege of their amazing heritage.

3. I hate to drive. I wish my life could be within 15 miles of where I live, sadly that does not jive with Jacksonville, but soon enough we can try out a new city.

4. I am a hoarder. I was watching one of the many shows on one of the many cable channels and I decided to look up the "symptoms." I have them. I do have problems throwing stuff away, and it scares me to think of myself in 20 years if I don't consciously make those goodwill piles, and get rid of the sentimental attachments. I certainly don't have this issue to the extent that the crazies on tv do. I do not have wall to wall junk, but there is definately some stuff in the closets that would be better placed somewhere else. I have regularly work to not let clutter take over my life. Maybe since I do work at this, I am not technically a hoarder right?

5. My first quilt was a high school ENGLISH LITERATURE project, and I loved it! We had an amazing teacher who would not expect anything less than excellence. She was old, and she hadn't changed her bulletin boards since the year I was born. The project was to create something representative of the 18th century, romantacism period. We had Christmas break to start and finish this project. I worked around the clock with my mother and grandmother, and learned each step in the process. It was finished, and I took it for Show and Tell. There were so many talented projects, paintings, composed and performed music, etc. My quilt was one of two.  Funny story, I didn't understand the  1/4in seam rule at that time, and just thought if I could make the seams smaller, then the quilt would be bigger! Grandma kept telling me do do the seams the "right" way, but I was determined. The whole quile ended up with seams that were roughly 1/8in.

6. I love to help people. I have recently started volunteering with a great oranization, and love the feeling to know that I am making a difference and helping to change lives.

7.  I am very unforgiving. I have a hard time letting go of grudges. Don't get on my bad side, lol!

8.  I love my husband (and the Mack-Noodle). Hopefully this is not a surprise to anyone, but he is "stylin' " too, so he deserved a place in the list.

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7. I love Baby Quilts


  1. Aww..thanks Alicia! You are too sweet!

    I probably won't pass it on but only because it would require too much work to think of 8 facts about myself! ;)

    p.s.-I still LOVE your neptune quilt! it's one of my favorites!

  2. Oh Thanks! I think you are pretty amazing too!
    P.S. I'm so glad that I married your cousin - so that I could get to know you! :)

  3. I love your list. :) I know my history and my kids are named after family members. I love that!! I wish my brothers would have done the same. LOL

    I hold grudges too. But over the years I have been able to give up even holding a grudge over someone, so I don't have to think about forgiving them. People who I may have had a grudge with simply don't matter to me. I'm not missing out on anything.



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