Friday, April 08, 2011

Will fight terrorism....for food?

Congress Still gets paid? This article makes me angry.

Go figure. As of today, the husband will receive half his normal paycheck on the 15th, and nothing additional until congress gets their act together. He will still have to go to work on monday, whether or not he is getting paid to be there. I do have a smidgen of faith that Congress will resolve this quickly, but as they have had months to come together, pull up their big-boy pants and make hard decisions, they have failed at that as well. How is it that these men are still playing childish games. They have been given a great responsibility, but do not deserve it.

Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., told MSNBC Thursday that she needs her salary and won't forego it. She pointed to student loans, childcare and the need to maintain residences in California and Washington as reasons for her decision.

Servicemen and women, along with those who serve local governments, police, fire, teachers etc also have student loans, childcare, and residences to maintain. They do not have the option of keeping or returning their pay.

Come the fifteenth, pay or no, we will be okay. Too many people will not though. As a volunteer at Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, I see many people who fall on hard times under ordinary circumstances. We don't use Navy Federal, but Navy Federal will cover their members, and many other organizations are stepping up to ensure that the stupidity in Washington will be easier on some. Its encouraging to see the companies and groups that are going the extra mile here. If only our Congressmen could get their ego's in check and their brains back on "main street."

Write your Representative

Write your Senator

Ask if they are going to accept their salaries while your teachers, policeman, fireman, city engineers, airport saftey, and the military are making arrangements to their own budgets, when they have no choice but to do with less.

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  1. Well written commentary, Alicia. Its great to see you taking the time to express how you feel about this situation in such an articulate manner.


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