Monday, May 09, 2011

He is a Brand Snob?

I hate to say it, but the dog is a snob. He seems to know the difference between the Osteo Biflex, and the Walgreens brand. Last year, the vet recommended glucosomine because the dog has joint issues, and we were trying to prevent early arthritis. The vet told me that there was a dog glucosomine supplement for $80 a bottle or I could give him the people version (Usually B1G1 free at Walgreens). PEOPLE VERSION IT IS! So I trotted down to Walgreens and ended up buying the "Natures Finest" (not pictured). After properly informing the dog that he could be force fed his pills, or he could take them voluntarily, he decided he would take them on his own. He ate the Nature's Finest for a while, and then a friend gave us some extra Osteo Biflex. So we switched to those (same chemical formula.) No problems from the dog. Then those ran out, and I needed to go get some more. The next time I went to the store, the Nature's were not on sale, but the Walgreen's brand was, so that is what we purchased. Unfortunately, we were back to force feeding the pills. This is not pleasant for anyone. Then the same friend, gave us some more Osteo Bi-Flex. And we gave it to the dog. The dog gobbled it up like a treat....go figure.

(From July 2009)For those who are wondering, the dog had knee surgery two years ago. He tore the ACL of his right rear. He is sporting his camo bandages here, and lounging very comfortably on my down comforter. (We camped in the living room for his first two weeks of recovery since he wasn't permitted on the stairs.)

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The kennel picture is just a little humerous. He was feeling a little grumpy since he was naked in some parts and hooded in others. I remember calling the vet about his "depression." They told me that it was understandable, but in a way it was good that he chill out peacefully in his kennel.

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