Friday, October 26, 2012

Baby Bikes

Baby Bikes,
Baby Bikes by alimaui
Baby Bikes, by Alicia
Finished quilt measures : 40x50″
Special techniques used : Hex n More Ruler
Quilted by : Me, on my Bernina 440
Best Category : Favorite Home Machine Quilted Quilt, Favorite Baby Quilt

 Don't you love the PJ pants? I realize this picture will not win any photography awards, but I had a time deadline. This is my M-I-L's backyard, and I needed a picture quick so I can show up in the first half of the festival. I am alive, and though I haven't posted in almost a year, I have still been sewing! I am here, and I wanted to finish this in time for Blogger's Quilt Festival.

 This is my newest favorite quilt. Baby should be arriving any day now and I am so thrilled to meet him! It was such an "important" quilt, I had a hard time deciding what pattern I wanted to make and what kind of fabric choices to go with, as always some last minute events forced me to choose quickly, but I have no regrets.

I had the pleasure of attending a class by Julie Herman. She taught the Northern Lights pattern in a quilt shop just outside of Philadelphia, and it was a fun day. Being that I am living out of a suitcase, I made all my choices from the in stock items at Round Bobbin Quilt shop in Horsham, PA. It is done with Sweetwater's Lucy's Crab Shack line and Robert Kaufman Solids. One of the other customers at the quilt shop helped me audition the border and background, and I think the plaid rocks! Amazingly Julie's tour was about her book Skip the Borders. Yes there is a border on this quilt. Of course this pattern is not in the book, nor do the directions call for a border, but I thought a small orange border would bring out more of the orange color from the bicycles. It is just a small 1.5in border that I added, hoping I could blend it with the binding, but add more of the color pop that I wanted.

And of label! (A more specific label will be added at a later date...)


This is my quilt with a crochet gift from a great friend. Don't they go together beautifully?


  1. looks good to me!!! congrats on your "any day now" baby!!!

  2. Looks great. I've just bought all the bits to make my own Northern Lights quilt.

  3. Love it - what a fun graphic design. Just finished up a Lucy's Crab Shack quilt for my soon-to-be-born nephew. Such a great line and yours is lovely! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. It's lovely and sure to be loved by your wee one as soon as he arrives!

  5. Oooh its lovely, congratulations on becoming a mother soon! best job ever! Thanks for sharing. #263

  6. Beautiful quilt. Love the border, too. Congrats!

  7. Congratulations!!! So glad you shared your quilt, PJs and all ;-) I love this design for a baby boy quilt, and the backing is wonderful!

  8. what a striking pattern - great job! And I am a huge fan of the color pallet.

  9. It looks great!! I'm so glad you were able to make it to my class. Also I'm totally OK with you adding the border! As you know from class I just encourage people to make a conscious choice, which you did! I'm sure your little one will love it. :-)

  10. The quilt is beautiful. I like the pop of orange. Congratulations!

  11. I love the shapes in the quilt - it's so bold and graphic - baby will love it - congratulations


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