Saturday, October 27, 2012

It looks like a Sandy Path

So, I am currently living in limbo out of a suitcase, and I have for almost two months now. My house is apparently safe and dry in Florida, and I am just outside of Philadelphia, PA waiting for a "monster storm." See that last little dot? That is currently where we are living. Thanks NOAA for pointing that out for us.

We are staying in a house that is in a flood zone, and has flooded before, and the husband tells me, I just should pack my hospital bag along with our regular evacuation stuff if we need to leave. The storm is scheduled to arrive in some form on Tuesday, which coincidentally is also the start of my 39th week. Is this a sucker's bet?

My birthing plan requests the option to dim the lights. I think this will be a mute point if the area has no power!

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