Monday, November 26, 2007


This whole blogging thing is really a fascinating topic. There are so many things to contemplate when actually deciding to "go". I could blog, as I think, using this as a means for me to express my thoughts and feelings like a diary (without regard to who may be reading). I could use this as a means to share my thoughts, feelings, daily experiences with friends or family. Or I could use this as a pulpit to shout life's lessons and ponderings.

I suppose for the time being I will exercise option "2" and see where this goes.

I will say that the original reason this blog was created was part of an assignment for one of my college courses. It was a management/technology course at the good old "FIT." I thought it was the greatest thing, because I was able to "blog" while at work (Percepta). This was of course, until Percepta blocked most internet sites, and I was reduced to paper homework while on downtime. I didn't realize at the time, but this whole blogging thing allowed me to accomplish most of my work without actually interacting with the professor. She was a very nice woman, however, a little scatter-brained at times.

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