Saturday, August 02, 2008

TGI Saturday

Every week, I look forward to the weekend. By Tuesday, I am itching for Saturday again. and its finally here. Its so nice to have quality time with the hubby. Those days are so few and far between now. When it finally comes, I feel like I need to make it count, but doing those silly little every day things are really the best.

We went shopping today. We got a whole bunch of gifts for birthdays that are coming up soon. And its nice to actually shop WITH the hubby. Of course, I always sign the card "Drew and Alicia," but most of the time it is me doing the shopping. So if you ever get a gift from me that you don't like, it was one of those rare occasions that I let the husband do the shopping.

We spent our evening vegging out with Indiana Jones. We found the trilogy at BJ's today, and decided to watch our favorite (Last Crusade). I really don't like the second one, it is just a bit two goofy for me. The new set includes alot of special features including a little blurb with all the Indiana Jones women. For dessert we enjoyed a wonderful piece of White Chocolate Mousse cake from Pauls Pasta (from Mystic Market) with a side of homemade strawberry ice cream. And let me just say, the strawberry went fabulously with the white chocolate. It is a combination that I will have to repeat in the future.

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