Monday, August 24, 2009

Mack-Noodle's Swim Call

Today was trip #2 out to Meriden, CT for water treadmill time. Yes, I love my dog. He is my baby. He is the reason why I have not taken in boarders. I was never a dog person. I had cats growing up, and honestly, I never imagined having a dog, but the husband had that smile on his face and asked if we could go look. I cannot resist the smile. I cannot say "no" to it. I am in deep trouble if ever a child should arrive and have that same smile.
This is what the treadmill looks like. The dog wasn't "feeling it" today. He walked just fine last week, and he didn't have anyone in the tank with him to "encourage him." But he kept trying to turn around today. He is getting a good workout, and we really need to build up the muscle in the leg, so he can start to have some normal function with it. Its is very funny to watch him walk in that tank. It is very sad though at the rehab place. There are so many dogs there with rather serious disabilities. It breaks my heart to see them. After the treadmill, he took a shower, and got a blow dry.
I am certain that he prefers the hairdryer at home to the drying system they have at Top Dog. Its like a reverse central vac, and it seems pretty powerful. He was anxious to get out of that office today. I am wondering if I am going to get him willingly in there next week.
Tonight was a bunco night. It was absolutely fantastic, and I have been looking forward to it for many days. I won most buncos and most snake eyes. Means I have a little bit of mad money for the week.

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