Sunday, September 27, 2009

If Dr. Seuss were in the Navy....

So it is still such a long way off, but I got to thinking about it tonight, and it just came to me. Enjoy!

‘Twas the night before homecoming

And out on the pier
Not a creature was stirring
‘Cept for the watch standers near

The hustle and bustle
Of the San Juan return
Could almost be heard
It was almost their turn

The parking, the crowds
Are headaches for sure,
Don’t worry, Its worth it
Just one midnight tour!

The deployment was over
Stand down was near
The women were primping
The children would cheer

Ready your cover
Ready your gear
It is time to meet us
The date, it is here!

The ORSE is completed
The paperwork done
Just blow that horn
And come out for the sun

I see my dear sailor
The heart missed a beat
With flowers in hand
He is always so sweet!

It takes a strong wife
To wait for that vessel
It’s a hard navy life
But each moment is special

If you’re unlucky, like me
And he’s stuck with duty
Don’t fret don’t you worry
You’re still such a cutie

Dinner on the boat
Can be quite a treat
Even if the air
Smells like dirty feet

So one more wakeup
‘Til my day is here
He can finally come home
And leave that darn pier.

Now, My sailor is home
You know what comes next
So leave me alone,
Its time for some CENSORED.

Now don't steal my rhyme
Neither the stanza nor verse
I claim it as mine
And fraud is the worst

If you're a putz
And don't like my writing
Leave me a comment
And you can try rhyming!

But all just the same
Comment love is so sweet
Thanks for visiting my blog
You are all such a treat!


  1. LOVE THIS!!! I can't wait for your day to come! I really wish I could be there for it to take your reunion pictures again! Love you!!!

  2. very entertaining! such talent. :)


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