Friday, September 25, 2009

To Tattoo or to not not a question I lose any sleep over.....

Tonight was an exciting outing to the tattoo parlor. It was very nice establishment, populated by two very amusing artists. Some of my more decorated friends were wanting additional decoration, and I decided to tag along for the fun.

Aside from my ear piercings (two in each ear) I have not permanently altered my body. I don't have anything against it, but I cannot think of anything that I want to keep around for the the next 80 years. I am also slightly afraid of what would happen to a tattoo if my body weight changes in either direction. You certainly don't want Nemo turning into Shamu with the help of dunkin donuts. Since babies will be in my future (and my belly) at some point it would be best to save the decoration until I know that my size is completely within my control.

The husband has mentioned getting a tattoo at some point, but I like his muscles too much in their current state and would be very depressed if he altered them. I have told him, that I have to look at it, and would prefer if he did not.

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